2018 – New Website Coming Soon!

A note to my ravenous (maybe two?) followers…

Hello everyone! Feel free to take a look at the art and design work I currently have on this site, but be aware that Juliana Conidi Design will eventually switch over to Jewel Creative Studio (jewelcreativestudio.com) in mid 2018 as part of a rebrand.

This current site will eventually change to something that’s more a combination of a personal blog and a passion project of mine once the final rebrand is in place. Stay tuned, it’ll be fun (and even if it’s not fun it’ll most definitely be weird, which is always a plus).

Be sure to follow me on Instagram (my favorite platform and probably the only place you actually need to follow), Twitter (not gonna lie, my Twitter account mostly consists of my favorite photos from Instagram and a few annoying political retweets), Facebook (I despise Facebook, but don’t we all? Follow me there and we’ll despise it together), and LinkedIn (boring) to stay up-to-date with how the process is moving along. Have a wonderful day and keep the creativity flowing!