Moving Announcement Header

Moving Announcement Post Card Design

Freelance Work March 2016- A postcard design for a family’s moving announcement. The family moved from Jacksonville, Florida to Baltimore, Maryland and wanted something fun and vibrant for their design. For this particular work, I decided to paint a watercolor illustration with rich, heavy colors on the front. It went well with the style they liked, and gave a rustic and artistic quality to the piece that would be eye-catching to those who received the card in the mail.

The illustration also features standout landmarks and the state flowers of each location to add to the artistic nature of the piece. The information on the back of the piece was kept minimal and features two typefaces with a handwritten quality in tonal orange and blue to support the front illustration. The clients’ names, address and contact information are changed in this example for privacy purposes.

Original Watercolor Painting

Original Painting

Postcard Front

Baltimore Postcard Front

Postcard Back

Baltimore Postcard Back